YouTube SEO

SEO is an important aspect in making your content to get indexed. We do SEO for Google to get higher rankings of our content or web page. In the same way, we need to consider SEO for YouTube. YouTube SEO can gain you more search traffic for YouTube channels and videos. So it is very important to consider Youtube SEO seriously for your YouTube channels and videos.

Applying SEO to YouTube

YouTube ranking was affected by two factors. A YouTube video becomes viral video based on the Video Content and User Engagement. These two factors determines your Youtube SEO. Youtube search engine and Google search engine or any other search engine like Bing or Yahoo works totally different. YouTube search engine cannot index the keywords that are inside the videos. YouTube seach engine manages to index the keywords from the metadata of your video such as Title, Description, Tags and Transcription. YouTube search engine determines if your video is relevant to the search keywords by veriyfing with the titles, descriptions and tags indexed.

YouTube SEO - Add Keywords to Video Title

YouTube video title is the most important factor in YouTube SEO and the title must hold the keywords relevant to the video. YouTube video title plays the vital role in increasing your YouTube video click-through rate (CTR) when it appears on the Youtube Search Results Page (YSRP). So put keywords in title that are relevant to your YouTube video.

YouTube SEO - Add Keywords to Video Description

YouTube video description should have information about your video content. YouTube video description will appear in Google search engine as a rich snippet for YouTUbe video. YouTube video description will also be displayed next to YouTube video thumbnail in YouTube search rsult page (YSRP). So if your YouTube video description has a relevant keywords matching the search query, then the click-through rate (CTR) will be very high. Make sure you write 100-300 words in your YouTube video description.

YouTube SEO - Add Keywords to Video Tags

YouTube video tags helps you to put extra keywords relevant to your YouTube video. YouTube video tag is the strong place to add keywords for YouTube SEO. Add at least 10 tags to your YouTube video. YouTube treats singular and plural keywords in the tags seperately. So if you add content creator and content creators, each one will be treated differently. You can add more YouTube video tags that targets those extra keywords that may or may not have been added to the YouTube video title or YouTube video description.